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Sotto le stelle fredde (2020)

Set in the mountains of northeast Italy, this film may be considered an observational documentary about rural life. Although this is undeniably the case, at the same time Under the cold stars can hardly be considered a documentary: the microcosm on which it focuses appears to be a reflection of a broader reality and perhaps a way to deal with the themes of man’s existence and his relationship with animals, nature and, most importantly, with time. As written by Franco Piavoli “it is a film which essentially relies on images and sound, where words themselves are sound and the music of life, of the relentless flow of time”. 

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- Winner Bei Young Doc Bellaria Film Festival 2020
- Official selection Trento Film Festival 2020
- Official selection Scolpire il tempo | Ibrida Festival 2020
- O
fficial selection Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2021

- Official selection Asolo Art Film Festival 2021



- Cineclandestino
- Gli spietati

- Garain Orbite Culturali

- Messaggero Veneto

- Società Alpina Friulana

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