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In his early teens Stefano found in documentaries a way to approach interesting people and delve into their stories. He started by making short portraits of unusual characters, from the biggest vintage toy collector in the world to the inventor of the smallest film camera ever made. After having shot several short documentaries and graduated from Bournemouth Film School with a degree in documentaries and cinematography, Stefano started shooting his first feature film at the age of nineteen (Under the cold stars). At twenty-one he joined Fabrica Research Centre (Benetton Group) where he worked on commercial projects for Benetton as well as short documentaries interviewing renowned figures such as Samantha Cristoforetti, Franco Fontana, Barnaba Fornasetti and Michele De Lucchi. During his residency in Fabrica he started working on his second feature film (Pozzis, Samarkand), a documentary about an old hermit traveling to Samarkand with a Harley-Davidson from ’39. His films premiered at both national and international film festivals (Millennium Docs Against Gravity, Bellaria Film Festival, Trento Film Festival).

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